Mladen Dolar

On Rumours

Theatre Essay
The New Post Office (Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana)
Saturday, 15. June 2024


SNG Maribor, Mali oder / SNT Maribor, Small Stage

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Première 13 June 2023, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Running time 50 minutes. No intermission.

Mladen Dolar
Blaž Šef

Two years ago, during the pandemic, one of the most influential European philosophers Mladen Dolar took the stage and performed the theatre essay Virus. He playfully tackled the most well-worn-out theme of our time. Through historical, linguistic and literary wormholes he shed light on the then situation from hitherto unimagined perspectives. Musical, theatrical and lexical references were ingeniously further illuminated by actor Blaž Šef. This time around, Dolar, with Šef’s assistance, focuses on another devious pandemic that has become more rampant in our time than ever before in human history: rumours.