Martin Crimp

Attempts On Her Life (experiments)

Production of Semester VIII; DI, GLR, DSU
Friday, 14. June 2024


SNG Maribor, Mali oder / SNT Maribor, Small Stage
  • Cancelled

Première: 5 June 2024 Grand Hall

Director Maruša Sirc

Dramaturg Tajda Lipicer
Translators (under the mentorship of Tina Mahkota) Živa Kolar, Nataša Vlaović, Iris Žnidarič
Costume designer Zala Žagar
Set designers Lucija Zucchiati, Dea Beatovikj
Lighting designer Domen Lušin
Sound designer Laetitia Rebecca Pohl
Producer doc. Mija Špiler

Ajda Kostevc
Ajda Pirtovšek
Mark Jacob Cavazza
Peter Alojz Marn
Lucija Ostan Vejrup
Jakob Šfiligoj
Staša Popović

for drama and theatre directing Assoc. Prof. Barbara Cerar, Full Prof. Matjaž Zupančič
for dramaturgy Full Prof. Tomaž Toporišič, PhD
for set design Full Prof. Jasna Vastl, MA, Asst. Prof. Sara Slivnik
for costume design Assoc. Prof. Tina Kolenik, MA, Full Prof. Janja Korun
for language and speech Asst. Prof. Martin Vrtačnik, Assoc. Prof. Nina Žavbi, PhD

Rules of the game
1.  Never make a phone call with the assumption that the person you are calling will make you laugh.
2.  If your partner has political power, take your red bag and walk away. 
3.  Never plant "flowers".
4.  Loneliness becomes lonelier with time. 
5.  Remember, dear, the camera loves you.
6.  "Honour your father and mother that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth."™
7.* Insert Sebastian Cavazza voice over
8.  Central European Reaction of Nothing.
9.  If you wet the bed, be careful not to burst the shop.
10.  Don't let them. 
11.  Don't touch the exhibits if the exhibits don't touch you.
12.  Solve the Sphinx's riddle: what is in the two bags and rides in the back seat? 
13.  Protect your consciousness from X-rays. 
14.  Ano on'nanoko ni natte kudasai!
15.  What grows in your pot should stay in your pot.
16.  It is better to be a little strenuous than to be emancipatory.
17.  Don't wish salmonella on someone else if you don't want it yourself.